今天小编为大家整理的是ACT阅读段落主旨题,这种类型的题主要考察对于给定段落主要内容的理解,关键词也是非常明显的。比如说出现的是main point或者main idea这样的一些词都是一些标志词,所以很好判断,这种类型的题比较好的地方在于它会给我们一个非常明确的信号,非常好定位。

这种类型的题, 会在social sciences,national science这样的文章里面比较多一些,文章一般会是一些议论文或者是说明文,这样的文体可能会决定着文章写作也是非常固定的一个模式,比如说在段落的首尾句会出现比较明显的一个概括,所以我们要重点读第一句话或者是文章的最后一句话。但如果这两个句子并没有给出非常关键的信息或者概括性的信息的话,那我们要看一下文章的其他段落,或者文章段落中其他的部分是不是会有一些递进或者说是转折的意思。



1996 52C Passage 2

Behind the fine craftsmanship and expressive art that characterized the last phases of Paleolithic culture was the mode of life brought about by specialization in hunting big game. In this pursuit a more cooperative strategy, requiring larger numbers of trackers, beaters, and killers, was required; and that presupposes a tribal or clan organization. Single family groups of less than fifty people, only a minority being adults males, could hardly have done the job. That Ice Age hunting life was necessarily dependent upon the movement of the great herds in search of fresh grazing or browsing grounds: yet it developed fixed points of reference and return….

这是1996年曾经出现过的一道题,它问的是这个段落的idea是什么样子的。先来读第一句话,Behind something was something所以第一个句子虽然很长看起来有三行多,但是主办结构还是非常明显的。 这句话说的是,因为一些大型狩猎的专业化引起了一些生活模式的改变,而这种生活模式的改变在这种旧时期文化之后,看下选项。

16. The main idea of the first paragraph is that:

F.the late Paleolithic mode of life was affected by the specialization required in big game hunting.

G.early Paleolithic hunters formed larger social groups than later food gatherers.

H.only a minority of late Paleolithic hunters were adult males.

J.the migration of the great herds determined the late Paleolithic way of life.

如果不是特别清楚的话,来看一下这个段落其他的一些部分,看第二句话它说的是在这样一个追逐的过程中,可能需要更加有合作性的一些策略,如果一个家庭非常小,那么他们可能很难去完成这样的一个工作。再往下看还是说这样一种捕猎的生活它主要是取决于什么样的一些东西,下面这些全都是对这种生活方式的一些描述,或者说对这种狩猎方式的一种描述,主干的信息应该是第一句话是跟生活方式的改变,还有hunting big game这样的一些词有关系的项选,最后选项应该是第一个F选项。


2012 70G Passage 4

Twenty years later, scientists observing metamorphosis in flies, ants, and beetles noted in the changing muscles and glands the wholesale death of cells. Later studies of developing bones, muscles, and other tissues in mammals suggested that the shaping of ear, eye, nose, tongue, intestinal tract, and trachea involves some removal of excess cells. By the turn of the century it was clear: to have shapely toads, butterflies, babies, one must have cell death.

当我们读前面的时候可能还稍微有点云里雾里的,但是读到最后一句话的时候,它说By the turn of the century it was clear什么事情变得非常明确非常清晰了,什么事情to have shapely toads, butterflies, babies, one must have cell death. 主干的词应该是说我们必须得经历一个细胞死亡的过程。所以在选项里面,我们也要找这样一些重点词比如说cell death。排除掉了A和D两个选项。如果还不是特别放心的话,我们再回到原文中,看一下前面的几个句子,这个文段一共有三句话,第一句话它的主干词,scientists主语,动词noted宾语the wholesale death of cells。第二句话Later studies这是一个主语,然后谓语动词suggested宾语the shaping of something involves some removal of excess cells.这样的一个过程,所以这两个句子还是在说科学家们注意到了细胞死亡,后来的研究也发现了如果想要有成型的一些器官还是要经历一个细胞死亡的过程。所以这段话的主旨,就是在说细胞死亡这件事情,那么选项就应该是B选项是一个同义的句子。

37. The main point of the sixth paragraph (lines 58-66) is that:

A.many animals experience metamorphosis at some point in their life cycle.

B.cell death is critical to the proper development of insects and animals.

C.a wider array of animals needs to be studied in order to understand cell death.

D.animal organs undergo a complicated shaping process.


1296 Test 2 Passage 4

Although these scientists' understanding of the origins of life on Earth is still imperfect, those involved in SETI do have some idea of what combinations of size, location, and chemical composition make a planet more likely to harbor intelligent life. The general understanding is that there are two main factors that determine whether or not a planet is habitable(able to sustain life): temperature and mass. There are other factors that are often considered, such as the presence of certain chemicals, the proximity of other planets, and planetary age, but temperature and mass are the initial, and most crucial, tests.

首先还是第一句话,Although是引导状语从句的一个词,出现这个词,我们就会心里有暗示,它下面会有一个but,虽然它不会写出来但是会出现,主干的话应该是those do have some idea of what combinations ,make a planet more likely to harbor intelligent life。这样的一些人,他们确实会知道,什么样的结合可以使得这个星球变得适宜智慧生命的居住。接着再往下看,下面的主干句子应该是说有两个主要的因素,可以决定是否这个星球移居。两个因素分别是什么呢?temperature 、mass温度和质量是两个crucial, tests非常重要的考验,所以我们应该选的是有两个因素决定着地球是否移居这样一个选项。

36. The primary point of the fourth paragraph (lines 31-41) is that:

F.even today scientists do not understand why life developed on our planet.

G.liquid water is crucial to the evolution of intelligent life on any planet.

H.only planets within a "Goldilocks Zone" are able to sustain life.

J.there appear to be two crucial components in determining whether a planet may be habitable.

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