12月15日 听力
  Section One
  题型:填空 10
  内容概述:咨询 two-day camp
  填空 10:
  1. first time:climbing
  2. borrow:shoes
  3. barbecue or: pizza
  4. good view of:city
  5. play:football
  6. watch traditional:dancing
  7. block:PAIGE
  8. number of students:65
  9. Price:150
  10. not include:transporting
  Section Two
  题型:单选 4,地图 6
  内容概述:介绍 Brisbane fun run
  单选 4:
  11. 在哪里 park A sports ground 否定 shopping center,river
  12. Timing chip 放在哪里:B shoe
  13. 什么颜色先跑 A yellow 否定 purple red
  14. 需要更多志愿者做什么 B handing out water 否定 give first aid
  地图 6:
  15. F stage
  16. A T-shirt
  17. B bag collection
  18. H Information center
  19. G Prize
  20. I
  Section Three
  题型:单选 5,填空 5
  内容概述:讨论 field trip in Mexico
  21 . 怎么参加 field trip: C fill in form 否定 A inform tutor
  22. How much the university pay:A 450
  23. Definition of desert by biologist:A rain evaporate faster than fall
  24. Destination of field trip: B marine desert 否定 desert scrub 和 desert grassland
  25. 为什么选这个地方 C birds
  26. 只开放什么学生:life science graduate
  27. ship as a base
  28. write a journal
  29. oldest 12000
  30. 书名 baked earth
  Section Four
  题型:填空 10
  内容概述: 研究 elephant
  31. dates of births and mothers
  32. many layers
  33. Cooperate: two elephants use rope to find food
  34. lack of rain
  35. how they work change
  36. weight is high
  37. emotion bones when dead
  38. older female aware of danger
  39. difficult to study in wild
  40. how sensitive one to another
  Working background
  What do you do for a living?
  How many years have you been working?
  Describe a typical day of working.
  Do you like your job?
  What are your main responsibilities?
  Is work mportant to you?
  Have you received any training related to your work?
  Are Chinese people very rich now?
  What would be your ideal job?
  What is your job?
  What will be your ideal job? 雇用什么样的职员?工作的环境
  What do you?
  Why you like or dislike this job?
  Is your job promising or not? Why?
  What jobs are the most popular in your country?
  What is the most important when it comes to good job: money(salary),colleagues,boss or the working environment?
  Are there any jobs you would not do?
  Are there any jobs that only men or women should do?
  How do people get paid in your country: weekly, monthly or daily? Are you satisfiedwith this schedule? Why?
  Is working in a bank dangerous or not? Why?
  Which job is the most respectful job in your country? Why?
  Did you ever do a part-time job?
  Should or shouldn’t the students be allowed to have a part-time job?
  Why do you think that someone are always busy, while some others are always free?对加班有什 How do you view overwork? Should people be paid for overwork?
  How do you spend the time when you are busy?
  When are you busy?
  Are making schedule important? What benefit does it have? Any disadvantages?
  How do people relax themselves? How about you?
  Do you wish to make schedules for everyday?
  What kind of skills do we need to have for work?
  What is your dream job? What is your expected salary? What do you think are the skills you need?
  What the factors that affect one’s salary?
  Why do so many people change their jobs?
  What are the advantages and disadvantages of job-hopping?
  What are the differences between working in China and working in foreign countries?
  How did you get this job?
  Do you like to wear formal or informal clothes?
  What is the influence of global economy on job choices?
  What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing jobs frequently?
  文章题目:We have star performers
  重复年份:20160114 20121124
  题型:段落细节配对 4+判断 4+填空 5
  文章大意:人才与天赋,讨论人才和选人标准之间的论证。讲公司考核员工主要的依据,talents, 文章批判了传统的观点(才能是与生俱来的,是不变的,是需要公司去发现的)。文章先用一段肯定了有才能的人的存在,然后分段讲到,才能是随时间变化的,是不能被精确度量的,是可以凭努力换来的。
  文章题目:Children and robots
  重复年份:20160305 20141002
  题型:小标题 5+配对 5+填空 3
  参考阅读:Robotics is making inroads into society, not only in factories and industry but also in homes and schools, where social robots are helping children cope better with conditions such as diabetes and autism.
  A robot and child
  Studies show that interaction with a robot can benefit children with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, as well as autism and other developmental disorders. (Image: ALIZ-E project.)
  1.Interview is the basic form of selecting procedure for most large companies. Some people think it is unreliable and there are some other better methods. Discuss and give your own opinion.
  2. Some people think secondary school should have a class of international news. Others believe it is not necessary. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
  3. In recent years,‘responsible tourists’have paid attention to preserving both culture and environment of the places they visit. However, some people say that it is impossible to be a responsible tourist. Do you agree or disagree?
  4. Young people who commit serious crimes should be punished in the same way as adults. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  5. Economic progress is one way to measure a country's success. Other people think other factors are also important. What are the other factors? Which factor is the most important one?
  6. Countries with a long average working time are more economically successful than those countries which do not have a long working time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  7. Nuclear energy is the best source of power in meeting ever-increasing energy needs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  8. Some people think success of life is based on hard work   and determination but others think there are more important factors like money and appearance. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion?
  9. Some say the purpose of education is to prepare individuals to be useful to society. Othes say the purpose of education is to achieve personal ambitions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
  10. Nowadays, women have full-time work same as men, logically men should share household equally with women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  11. To what extent do you think societies benefit from the contact and closer relationship with foreigners brought about by international business and tourism?
  12. Employers should give their staff at least a 4-week holiday a year to make employees better at their jobs. To what extend do you agree or disagree?
  13. Some people think it is a valuable experience to travel abroad, whereas others believe it is a waste of time and expense since people already have TV programs and the internet nowadays. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
  14. People's shopping habits depend more on the age group they belong to than any other factor. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  15. Some people think that the money government spend on art, such as music and painting, would be better spent on things more important. Do you agree or disagree?




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